World Bank to assist Andhra Pradesh in transforming health sub-centres | Healthcare in India |

The World Bank came forward to fund for the development of 7,500 health sub-centres as electronic sub-centres (e-sub-centres). As part of the programme, e-health records would be maintained in all the e-sub-centres apart from extending telemedicine facility.


The e-health centres include 1,147 Primary Health Centres (PHCs), 192 Community Health Centres (CHCs), 31 area hospitals, 13 district hospitals and 23 teaching hospitals.


The World Bank (WB) team comprising Programme Leader (Human Development) Jorge Coarasa, Senior Operations Officer Kari Hurt and health specialist Mohini Kak met Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday.


Explaining the government’s efforts in improving health services in the State, Mr. Naidu suggested the visiting team to provide expertise to fill the gaps in medical and health services. The government has introduced IT-enabled health services. However, introduction of some more global practices was required to further improve the services.


The government has been releasing health bulletin every month and sufficient data was available, he said, adding, the WB can extend its cooperation in research and innovation.


Electronic records to be maintained apart from extending telemedicine facility


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